Buyer Information

Dennis and Richard share a passion for finding neglected homes, polishing them up, and then either selling them or holding them for ongoing rental income if the cash flow potential pencils out. Whether you are a seasoned investor, would like to learn more about building wealth through flipping real estate, or would like to learn how to take property that needs work and turning into the perfect home for you, Dennis and Richard are ready and able to go to work!

STEP ONE: Determine your budget or investment goals.

STEP TWO: Find the property. There are several ways we go about finding a property right for renovation. We scour foreclosure auctions in our area for candidates and, of course, keep a close eye on the MLS for homes that might meet the criteria. Finally, we are known for what we do and our network of agents lets us know if a home is going to be coming on the market such as through an estate. These three methods keep us very busy looking through properties with potential.

It can be difficult to look beyond a terrible paint job, mismatched flooring, and a yard overgrown with blackberry vines to see the potential. However, we provide drawings and renderings as time allows so you can see our vision for the final product. If possible, bids for work will be secured at this point so the final budget is within your expectations.

STEP THREE: Secure the property. Depending on how we have found the property, we will make sure all of the steps are followed to make sure it closes successfully. This could mean working hand in hand with the title company to make sure all previous liens and issues have been cleared and funding will come through as expected.

STEP FOUR: Go to work! A remodel may take as few as four weeks and up to several months depending on the complexity of the job. If Vance Construction has been retained to do the remodel, we will keep you informed several times a week on our progress as well as any challenges we have run across. We always have solutions in our back pocket for challenges that do arise and keeping your goals in mind is of the utmost importance to us.

STEP FIVE: Rent, List, or Move In! No matter your end goal, Dennis and Richard will be there to make sure your expectations have been met. If you are planning on renting, we can assist with property management services. Of course, if you are planning on listing your property for resale, we can take it from here for you. And if you are ready to move in and call the home yours, we are thrilled that we have been a part of feathering your nest!

If this seems like too much of a headache and you just want a fantastic finished product, take a look at Vance Construction’s completed homes as a perfected home may be more to your liking.