Buyer Process

If you are considering a move from either a rental or from a home that isn’t the right fit anymore, congratulations!

We have found that many buyers come to us informed about the type of homes that are out there already due to internet or app searches. However, we look forward to taking that a step further and educating you on what is really available in the market today and the buying process. Here is generally how we work although every transaction is tailored to your unique needs:

Learn about your wants and needs. In order to serve you best, we need to know about what you are looking for in a home and area. How many bedrooms do you need? How large of a yard? Does it need to be within walking distance to transportation? There are so many small details that can make your day pleasant or frustrating and we find that your space contributes a lot to your success!

Search, search, search! Although you will be conducting your searches, we will also be vigilantly looking for homes that meet your criteria and will schedule time to view homes that do. We will continue to hone the search until we are finding homes which meet all your priorities.

Keep you up to date. Although we always hope we can find you a home quickly, if the right home hasn’t come up for sale just yet, we will keep you up to date on the changes that happen in the marketplace as it affects your home buying process. Each individual price point, area, type of home is a mini-market which is affected by supply and demand. These changes may make it easier or more difficult to find the home so the information provided will help us strategize on your home search.

Find the right home. We are completely transparent when it comes to laying out the pros and cons of each home so you are informed and feel confident when you are ready to move forward. We will work with you to get the home inspected, appraised if need be, and finally closed!

As stated before – each buyer experience is completely unique. We have worked with folks in the military including one man who bought a home before he even had the chance to see it in person. We had done all the legwork for him to make sure he had the peace of mind needed when investing in such a large asset sight unseen. We have worked with buyers purchasing a HUD home and needed to secure a rehab loan. We work with people utilizing a VA loan and needed an excellent lender. We have even worked with buyers and their contractors to find a home they could polish and make their own. We pride ourselves on creating a completely custom experience for each individual.